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CSailWorker Class Reference

#include <sailworker.h>

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Detailed Description

The CSailWorker class does all the sail-related calculations. It is used to create the sail from its definition.

See also:
CSailDef, CSail

Definition at line 41 of file sailworker.h.

Public Member Functions

real Area ()
 CSailWorker (const CSailDef &s)
real Diagonal ()
real IRCwidth (const real &h)
real LeechLength (const real &h)
real LuffLength (const real &h)
CSail makeSail (CSail &flatsail, CSail &dispsail)
CSail makeSail ()
real SailLP ()
real SailW (const real &h)

Public Attributes

CPoint3d clew
real clothW
real dihedralDeg
real footL
real footR
int footRP
real foreI
real foreJ
real gaffDeg
real gaffL
real gaffR
int gaffRP
CPoint3d head
real hemsW
real leechHemW
real leechL
real leechR
int leechRP
real LOA
real luffL
real luffR
int luffRP
CSailMould mould
unsigned int nbGores
unsigned int nbLuffGores
unsigned int nbSections
CPoint3d peak
real rake
enumSailCut sailCut
QString sailID
enumSailType sailType
real seamW
real sheetDeg
CPoint3d tack
real tackX
real tackY
real twistDeg

Protected Member Functions

CPoint3d AftIntersect (const CPoint3d &p1)
CPoint3d FootIntersect (const CPoint3d &pt1, const CVector3d &v1)
CPoint3d FwdIntersect (const CPoint3d &p1)
CPoint3d GaffIntersect (const CPoint3d &pt1, const CVector3d &v1)
CSail Layout0 (CSail &flatsail, CSail &dispsail)
CSail LayoutMitre (CSail &flatsail, CSail &dispsail)
CSail LayoutRadial (CSail &flatsail, CSail &dispsail)
CSail LayoutTriRadial (CSail &flatsail, CSail &dispsail)
CSail LayoutTwist (CSail &flatsail, CSail &dispsail)
CSail LayoutVertical (CSail &flatsail, CSail &dispsail)
CSail LayoutWing (CSail &flatsail, CSail &dispsail)
CPoint3d LeechIntersect (const CPoint3d &pt1, const CVector3d &v1)
CPoint3d LuffIntersect (const CPoint3d &pt1, const CVector3d &v1)
CPoint3d MitreIntersect (const CPoint3d &pt1, const CVector3d &v1)
CPoint3d Zpoint (const CPoint3d &p1)

Protected Attributes

CSubSpace foot
CVector3d footV
CVector3d footVP
CSubSpace gaff
CVector3d gaffV
CVector3d gaffVP
CSubSpace leech
CVector3d leechV
CVector3d leechVP
CSubSpace luff
CVector3d luffV
CVector3d luffVP
CSubSpace mitre
CPoint3d mitrePt
CVector3d mitreV

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