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void CSailDoc::put ( QDomNode &  parent,
const CSailDef d,
const QString &  name = "" 

Puts a CSailDef sail definition to an XML document. NEW members shall be added at THE END OF THE LIST in order to maintain backward comaptibility of files.

See also CSailDoc::get( QDomNode &parent, const CSailDef &d, const QString &name )

Definition at line 607 of file saildoc.cpp.

References CSailDef::clothW, createElement(), CSailDef::dihedralDeg, CSailDef::footL, CSailDef::footR, CSailDef::footRP, CSailDef::foreI, CSailDef::foreJ, CSailDef::gaffDeg, CSailDef::gaffL, CSailDef::gaffR, CSailDef::gaffRP, CSailDef::hemsW, CSailDef::leechHemW, CSailDef::leechL, CSailDef::leechR, CSailDef::leechRP, CSailDef::LOA, CSailDef::luffL, CSailDef::luffR, CSailDef::luffRP, CSailDef::mould, CSailDef::nbGores, CSailDef::nbLuffGores, CSailDef::nbSections, put(), CSailDef::rake, CSailDef::sailCut, CSailDef::sailID, CSailDef::sailType, CSailDef::seamW, CSailDef::sheetDeg, CSailDef::tackX, CSailDef::tackY, and CSailDef::twistDeg.

    QDomElement e = createElement("CSailDef",name);

    /* sail cut and type */
    put(e, d.sailCut,"sailCut");
    put(e, d.sailType,"sailType");

    /* boat data */
    put(e, d.LOA,"LOA");
    put(e, d.foreI,"foreI");
    put(e, d.foreJ,"foreJ");
    put(e, d.tackX,"tackX");
    put(e, d.tackY,"tackY");

    /* sides of the sail */
    put(e, d.luffL,"luffL");
    put(e, d.rake,"rake");
    put(e, d.gaffDeg,"gaffDeg");
    put(e, d.gaffL,"gaffL");
    put(e, d.footL,"footL");
    put(e, d.leechL,"leechL");

    /* shape of sides */
    put(e, d.luffR,"luffR");
    put(e, d.gaffR,"gaffR");
    put(e, d.leechR,"leechR");
    put(e, d.footR,"footR");

    put(e, d.luffRP,"luffRP");
    put(e, d.gaffRP,"gaffRP");
    put(e, d.leechRP,"leechRP");
    put(e, d.footRP,"footRP");

    /* cloth width, seam and hems width */
    put(e, d.clothW, "clothW");
    put(e, d.seamW, "seamW");
    put(e, d.leechHemW, "leechHemW");
    put(e, d.hemsW, "hemsW");

    /* twist */
    put(e, d.twistDeg, "twistDeg");
    /* sheeting */
    put(e, d.sheetDeg, "sheetDeg");

    /* mould */
    put(e, d.mould, "mould");

    /* sail ID */
    put(e, d.sailID, "sailID" );

    /* radial cut parameters */
    int temp=1;

    temp = d.nbSections;
    put(e, temp, "nbSections");      // radial sections
    temp =  d.nbGores;
    put(e, temp, "nbGores");             // radial gores
    temp =  d.nbLuffGores;
    put(e, temp, "nbLuffGores");  // luff gores
    temp =  int(d.dihedralDeg);
    put(e, temp, "dihedralDeg");  // wing dihedral angle

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